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September 1, 2020

The Simple Stage ✨ Musician Feature

We have built a community of incredibly talented individuals, and the music goes beyond our events. We want to shine a light on our musical family with The Simple Stage. During these sessions, members of Bachelor Boys Band will share their favorite tunes, dance floor moments, and why they love performing. Sit back, sing-along, and enjoy!

Mike and Rachel have been playing with Bachelor Boys Band for quite some time. Rachel is a sucker for all things love and talks about how performing for weddings gives her a front row seat for just that, love. She was even published in the New York Times after detailing her experiences as a wedding singer on the search for love. Get to know Mike and Rachel a little better, and since we’re on the topic of love, press play to hear two lovey-dovey classics!

We musicians get lost in the sameness on occasion, and some of us simply lose that loving feeling. But when I arrive to wedding No. 319, I will still be hungry for proof of love. And when it is so loud, so visible from one stranger to another, from way up here, it feels real. In this profession, I have somehow inexplicably, without consequence or personal injury, found love over and over again.

Rachel Anne Warren