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July 7, 2020

The Simple Stage ✨ Musician Feature

We have built a community of incredibly talented individuals, and the music goes beyond our events. We want to shine a light on our musical family with The Simple Stage. During these sessions, members of Bachelor Boys Band will share their favorite tunes, dance floor moments, and why they love performing. Sit back, sing-along, and enjoy!

Meet Amber, Zack, and a little surprise guest in the background if you can spot her! This duo has been playing with us since 2012! Zack is a cellist and bassist. Some of you may recognize Amber, as she is one of our female leads and a top producer. Press play to hear a classic jam by Fleetwood Mac and a current favorite that will pack the dance floor!

There’s such spontaneity in weddings and dance floor time especially, so we get out there and try to bring as much energy as we possibly can to translate that into the dance floor. There are always unexpected things that happen, and those usually end up being my favorite moments. A dance circle breaks out and a grandma or an uncle that you didn’t even know danced, gets in the middle, and is doing the worm or just cutting a rug in a way that you never knew was possible. It makes us feel like we’re doing our job, letting everyone have a great time on the dance floor.